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Recommended Bartenders and Beverage Service

We proudly work with the top professionals in the industry.  We have worked with these teams extensively and they share our commitment to excellence.

Wild Horse Events, LLC
Vintage Horse Trailer Bar

1095 Fifth Ave

Jersey Shore, PA 17740

Tel:  (814)-574-9467

Honey Bee Mobile Brews
Licensed and Insured

Drums, PA

Tel:  (570)-579-7155

Bar Code

1095 Fifth Ave

Jersey Shore, PA 17740

Tel:  (814)-574-9467

Drink and Be Married 

Bar Service

Rae Pitchford, Owner


Jennifer Cicola
Cash Bar Available

Tel: (570)204-5604


Elizabeth Stahl

Tel: (570)-855-0613


Elissa Mulvey

Tel: (570)-899-1443 


Tara Hummer

Tel: (570)-204-2099

Laura Nicoletto
RAMP Certified Bartender

Tel: (570)909-7020

Private Event Bartender

Tel: (570)912-3330

Nicole Mensinger
RAMP Bartender

Tel: (570)441-1737

Iola Beer Depot

Allison & Donovan, Owners

Tel: (570)-458-6000 

Machelle Schaeffer
Event RAMP Bartender

Tel: (570)590-8695

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