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Additional Property Media

Explore the Stunning Exterior of the Mountain View Wedding Property


This wedding venue is situated on a stunning 50-acre property in the heart of the countryside. Our video showcases the unique beauty of the exterior, with a variety of outdoor spaces available for your ceremony or reception. From manicured gardens to rolling hills, our property provides the perfect backdrop for your special day. Explore the property in our video to get a sense of the possibilities for your wedding.

View the Barn Interior with its Quaint and Accessible Features

The Quaint interior of the well appointed rustic barn at our Wedding Venue provides a unique and romantic setting for your special day. This 1909 barn has been thoughtfully renovated with modern comforts and features while maintaining the classic rustic look. The warm wooden walls, exposed beams, and rustic accents create a cozy atmosphere that is perfect for an intimate wedding celebration. Our barn features a spacious dance floor, a large bar area, and plenty of seating for your guests to enjoy the festivities. Let us help make your wedding day magical by hosting it in our rustic barn.



At our wedding location, we provide a 3D walkthrough of our charming country barn. This immersive experience offers a comprehensive rendering of the interior, giving you a virtual glimpse of your special day. The interactive nature of this digital tour allows you to explore at your own pace, gaining a thorough understanding of the layout and design. Through this 3D exploration, you can ensure that the venue aligns perfectly with your vision for your special day.


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